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Online Casino Technology:
Premium live streaming & video broadcast combined with the latest web technology

Technology is driving the transformation in online casinos, at the heart of advances in user experience, security and reliability.

As a rock-solid and reliable technical infrastructure, LuckyStreak’s microservices architecture was designed and developed using a cloud-native approach, allowing us to run at hyperscale with high availability (99.9% uptime), and to ensure optimal playing experience.

This highly scalable and flexible infrastructure enables us to focus on rapid development and deployment, without compromising our service to our customers.

Our cross-platform clients detect any device and bandwidth constraints to adjust the video stream accordingly, to deliver the best experience for our players.

The beautifully arranged live casino studio is packed with the latest high-grade video and sound equipment to provide stunning video and sound that provides a near perfect gaming experience.

Key Features :

  •  A purpose-built gaming studio using state-of-the-art network and video hardware
  •  Superior video quality and advanced in-house video broadcasting solutions
  •  An HTML5 user-friendly interface based on extensive user behavior and UX research
  •  A highly localized multilingual user interface with 12 supported languages
  •  24/7 Live Customer Support
We are witnessing continual advancements in customer propositions, and casino software providers like LuckyStreak stay ahead of the curve by anticipating trends and investing in new technologies. In this blog post we examine the emerging  online casino software trends.

The LuckyStreak Game Integrity Guarantee

Making sure our games are uniformly fair across all platforms is one of LuckyStreak’s top priorities.
We constantly monitor our dealers for mistakes, and our players for misuse by :

  • Monitoring our Live games at any given time and evaluating our dealers on a regular basis.
  • Recording our live streams and reviewing them regularly for issues and discrepancies.
  • Investigating any complaints from players or operators to the fullest by crossing referencing information from our database and videos.
  • Constantly refreshing the training of our dealers.